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People who are afraid of dogs were awarded pitbull puppies: 8.4 million views

If people are afraid of dogs, it does not mean that they cannot be charmed with such animals. This video proves that it is impossible not to fall in love with little puppies. During the experiment, the participants were blindfolded. Then pitbull puppies were planted on their knees. Of course, at first the subjects had to experience a mixture of fear with surprise.
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Infinite Wool Inspiration by Linda Brike

Today I want to share one of my many sources of inspiration - the works of Latvian artist Linda Brik. On the Internet pages of her social networks, she says that her passion for felting (or wool felting) began 10 years ago. Now she lives in Riga with her family and creates amazing, such real birds and animals made of wool, incredible decorations ... Perhaps, I can not even single out one thing, my favorite, in her work!
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10 lifehacks that will improve your life

We don’t know how many tricks of this life, let's replenish your reserves with the next ten live hacks from SlivkiShow. In this issue, you will learn how to quickly make a smartphone holder at home, how to quickly remove chewing gum from clothes, how easy it is to protect the case of your smartphone from scratches, how to make an emergency supply of hot melt without depending on the outlet and the gun itself, and many other utilities.
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Funny shots made at the right moment

The ideal moment for a photograph often lasts only one moment. But to catch such a moment you need a special talent or luck. Look at these amazing photos from people who are lucky to be in the right place at the right time and catch the same shot!
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