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Technique and patterns of knitting Irish lace for beginners

An interesting technique of crochet can be considered Irish lace. It is one of the most difficult to execute. The canvas at the same time are openwork elements of small size, which can be smooth or voluminous, different in color gamut. You will learn more about this technique and its motifs in the instructions below.
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Super fabric from plastic bags. Master Class

Author: Elena Glebova Good day! We haven't done this with you right now, or has someone already tried it? From unnecessary plastic bags it turns out very practical and quite fabric suitable for sewing - I have already tried it, it works. And not only for sewing :) Therefore, I hasten to share with you. We will look at two master classes - using packages that are more or less dense in structure, with obtaining a relatively smooth fabric and with a grooved texture.
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PVC pipes - a source of inspiration!

With skill and rich imagination, interesting and useful things can be made from any available materials, including plastic pipes. Do not rush to dump construction debris - we will tell you what can be done from a plastic pipe to turn excess residue into beautiful and functional interior items.
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For the House and Cottages

10 unpretentious indoor plants for the lazy

Does your apartment not have too much light, and the windows of the rooms face the north? Flowers quickly lose their attractiveness and do not bloom, despite the care and watering? Then you should carefully approach the choice of indoor plants. Shade-tolerant plants do not need special conditions for flowering, because they do not require a lot of light for their growth.
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Master class on the restoration of the old couch

Many homes have an old sofa, which is a pity to throw away, because the frame of the sofa is still intact, the springs have not sunk, the locks are working, but the appearance is no longer the same because of the battered upholstery. In this case, you do not want to order a constriction of the sofa, because the old sofa is not so valuable. For the resuscitation of the old sofa the best option is a constriction of the sofa with your own hands.
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Pickled cucumbers in a jar of red currants

How well in winter to get and open delicious pickled cucumbers, homemade, crispy. Though to potatoes, even add to meat salad. And this recipe is just a bomb. Ingredients: Cucumbers - 600 grams. Garlic - 2 cloves. Onion - 1 piece. Red currant - 1.5 cups. Pepper black peas - 3 pieces.
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