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Wailing super charming fur seals

Makes them famous Japanese master on felting Hayasaka Nobuya. Seals, which she rolls of wool, received the general name Woonya (wool - wool, Nyanko - cat). Their feature in a small size and without a face. But just look - the character of each is obvious (or rather, on the face)! Hayasaka can also make a copy of your pet 😉 This is how one of the work stages looks like.
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The most fashionable coat color 2018, or pink millenial

Author: Olga * 16 team * This article is for those who love to be ahead of the entire planet and want to look into the fashionable future, namely, to find out what will be the most fashionable color in 2018. You must agree, to buy a fashionable coat this season so that it does not lose relevance, but on the contrary became the embodiment of the fashion trends of the next year - this is a real fashion investment!
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Design and Architecture

27 ideas to hide things that do not fit into the interior

Not all the things that we need in everyday life, look aesthetically pleasing. Something stands out from the stylistic decision of the room, the other one should be removed from the visible space. Disguise technique or extra things with the help of these simple tricks. 1. Disguise any kitchen appliances with metal panels. Even an old stove or oven will not argue with the overall design of a futuristic kitchen if you close it.
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