How Martin and I Turned the Kitchen


And here is another interesting kitchen rework found on the Internet.
1. I got such a kitchen (view of the wall with a table)

2. Wonder-ceiling.

3. Directly kitchen wall.

4. Beginning with a stretch ceiling and lamp replacement.
Then the wallpaper was pasted in a joyful color (with wine bottles and vines - not mine).

5. And here is the most interesting and fast (without 100,500 photos) reincarnation of the kitchen wall.
Having clearly understood for myself that under no circumstances would I pull the replacement of the kitchen to the desired one, I decided to simply repaint the facades and change the fittings. Subtracted about alkyd enamel for wooden facades (and not only) Tikkurila Miranol. Chose the colors of the surfaces and away!
After removing the doors, they were thoroughly washed and degreased. Drawers had to skin and putty, MDF was swollen and turned out from moisture (previous owners can see mercilessly poured water into the boxes)
Then there was painting in two layers with an ordinary foam roller. The husband (he was still then) helped replace the hinges with new ones with closers. It turned out to be more difficult with pens, I begged for two weeks to drill holes, but still I managed to persuade my father to help. And you can hang the facades in place. The kitchen is ready!

6. Then there was a divorce and the former moved out, taking with him including the refrigerator ... I appreciated that it was cool when the window did not obstruct anything.

7. Having bought a new refrigerator, I began to consider the possibility of transferring it to the place of the stove, and move the stove accordingly to the right. Many times she came with a tape measure and tried on, but still could not decide to shorten the necessary and useful working area. Maximum hesitant to draw with the pencil the supposed places of the cut.

8. On the day of He, it nevertheless happened, armed with a jigsaw (kindly provided by a friend) sawed off the countertop and, together with a drawer with drawers, moved it to the window, and the refrigerator began to replace the stove.

9. Further - easier))). It was obvious that the refrigerator and the stove are nearby - very bad neighbors. It was necessary to carry and fence between the locker. For this purpose, the balcony was cleaned for scrap ldsp.

10. Total Control at all levels was carried out tirelessly.

11. Cutting and fastening them in a completely wrong way, assembled the case. Hoisted the tabletop.

12. Handle and hinges with closers bought, as on the other facades for real harmony. Remains of paint gave the door the same color.

13. Martin during this time managed to squeeze one of the flowers with the light and selflessly took his place.

14. The side surfaces of the table top needed cover. Assessing the cost of the "original" plugs in the store (120r apiece, but I needed 5 of them), I realized that I needed nafih! I bought aluminum corners (20r. Each) and drank the fragments outward as I could. Collective farm, of course, but not expensive.

15. Well, and a general view.

16. In the other direction.