Comfortable, simple and beautiful apron from an old shirt


For anyone who enjoys cooking or just preparing every day, the problem of stains on clothes is familiar. Sew a comfortable and simple apron of old things, which will become a barrier between you and the spray. Such a product can make even a not very experienced seamstress.

For the project will need:

  • Old shirt interesting colors;
  • sewing machine;
  • pins;
  • scissors;
  • chalk or washable marker;
  • additional fabric for pockets and belt (about a meter);
  • ripper;
  • iron;
  • tape measure

STEP 1: Remove pocket from shirt

Very carefully cut each loop of the seam, which secures the pocket with a seam ripper. After the pocket has been removed, iron the place where the seam was, in order to remove the traces of the old seam.

Step 2: Cutting the apron shelf

Draw a line through the points at the beginning of the sleeves and cut the top of the shirt along it. For the apron will be used only the bottom.

Step 3: Cut the top edge.

Bend the edge of the shirt to the floor a centimeter, iron and bend again. Secure the edge with pins.

Step 4: Secure the edge with a seam

Set the maximum stitch width and sew the shirt backing 4 millimeters from the edge. It is important that the seam is not interrupted. Do not attach it to the end.

Step 5: Build

Gently pull the thread to form small assemblies on the apron. That is why we needed the largest stitch length.

Step 6: Cut out the belt

Using a measuring tape measure your waist, and cut out the belt by adding lengths for the ties. The width of the part must be four times the width of the future belt.

Step 7: We press the edges

Bend the edges of the belt 1 cm and iron the fabric.

Step 8: Build a Belt

We wrap the edges of the belt to the middle so that the front part is as wide as two inside edges. We fix the bends with an iron.

Step 9: Bend the Belt

Fold the canvas in half, secure the fold with an iron.

Step 10: Fasten the belt to the apron

Place the shelf apron between the halves of the belt. Not to get confused, mark the middle of the belt and the middle of the apron, and then connect them.

Step 11: Fixing

With the help of pins fasten the belt in the position in which it is necessary to sew.

Step 12: Sew on

We start the seam from the edge of the belt, thereby fixing it. Then we go through the connection of the belt and the shelf, and finish sewing at the opposite end.

Step 13: Cut Your Pockets

We cut out rectangular pockets from the contrast fabric and fix the hemings of the edges with the help of an iron. The upper edge must be bent twice, and the width of the bend should be 2-3 centimeters.

Step 14: Sew Pockets

Fasten the pockets to the apron with pins and stitch on the three sides of the rectangle with a continuous seam. Smoothes the finished apron.