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Volume postcards with textile details


The idea of ​​a textile postcard containing a small handkerchief as a supplement appeared as an evolution of a similar gift. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the gift as a scarf, with initials was very popular. Perhaps that is why many postcards are decorated in the style of precisely those periods of time.

Today, after a whole era of disposable paper napkins, tissue handkerchiefs are back in fashion. On the one hand, they can be used repeatedly. Sustainable behavior is a necessity of our time. On the other - in the era of industrial production and utility, each individual thing is valued more and more.

Postcards with a handkerchief look elegant and elegant. Most often, the scarf plays the role of a dress or skirt beauties of past years. The card itself can be drawn, or you can choose the finished images as a basis. There are several areas of such creativity.

Vintage Style Postcards

They are beautiful ladies in suits of previous years or images with their participation. A handkerchief depicts a dress, skirt or other part of an elegant toilet.

The algorithm for making such a postcard is very simple. The scarf is folded and attached to the paper image. Very often for such cards are used portraits of the ladies of the 19th century, in romantic dresses. After all, it was then that the scented handkerchief was a symbol of flirting and special disposition.

A handkerchief is better to choose such a color so that it combines with the outfit of a beautiful flower girl or maid from the image.

If a contour is not cut, but a postcard is used, a neat cut is made in it using a cutter or a sharp blade.

On one image there can be several characters. You can attach more than one handkerchief on such a card.

Images with scenes from the lives of girls and women will be an excellent souvenir for special occasions.

The scarf on the card can be added with other details, for example, laces or satin ribbons.

An important rule: do not fasten a handkerchief so that it can not be reached. After all, to decide whether to use it, or leave as a decoration must be addressed by the recipient of the gift.

If you are fascinated by just such a style of postcards, you can use ready-made images for their production. Print them out and then paste them onto the cardboard.

For vintage-style cards, more modern images can be used. For example, pictures in pin-up style or images from fashion magazines.

Cards with cute children's drawings

Another type of garment cards often uses images of little girls or magical princesses, who seem to have come down from the screens of fabulous cartoons. These postcards are suitable for congratulating little girls or close friends with whom you have known since childhood.

You can use the finished image, as in the first case. But the gift will be even more valuable if you draw the drawing (or redraw) yourself.

Do not be afraid to draw, even if you have little experience in this matter. The main thing is to choose the right image that is easy to copy.

Postcards in the form of a dress

Dress and dress became a symbol of femininity and girlhood. This postcard made it even easier.

You can fold the dress out of colored paper and complete it with a wire hanger.

Ribbons, buttons and beads will be a great decoration for such a postcard.