Graphic accents and ornaments in clothes - models for early spring


Graphic accents and ornaments appeared along with the very first clothes of ancient people. And from time to time these or other variations climb to the top of the fashionable Olympus.

Designers use geometric motifs from season to season, inventing new, more relevant combinations. Graphicity and alternation of different colors - this is exactly what you can simply repeat in your own clothes.

Scarves and stoles

The easiest and safest way to bring something new and bright to your wardrobe is to buy or knit a new scarf or shawl. The bright accessory allows you to decide on a bolder and more unexpected decision than a one-piece set. If you knit yourself - this thing will turn out faster.

Several bright colors, turning into each other smooth out clear graphics, creating a gentle and delicate image.

The ombre technique, which assumes a smooth transition of colors, balances the clear graphic silhouette of the scarf.

Clear boundaries between color transitions, on the contrary, will add expressiveness to the scarf.

A classic striped scarf will look more interesting if the strips are made of different widths.

A completely different approach is a geometric ornament. Use rectangles, rhombuses or triangles.

Bright patterns kerchiefs in Missoni style: a combination of embossed knitting and different colors.

Woven scarf with bulk stripes. Each plot has its own pattern and color.

Cardigans and sweaters

Another item of clothing, where bright yarn and geometric pattern are often appropriate. You can make a democratic image, or add a classic bow with such a thing.

A little frivolous cardigan, decorated with crocheted flowers.

A free-form cardigan with color accents.

Embossed design will make a plain sweater straight silhouette more refined.

In this designer sweater, horizontal stripes further emphasize the square shape of the shoulders.

Patterns or stripes at the top of the sweater draw attention to the elegant neck and collarbone.


On the one hand, it is more difficult to make a mistake with a dress. After all, it is a complete set, and you do not risk getting the wrong color combinations and shapes. On the other hand, a thing can be quite active, and, most likely, will draw attention to the owner.

Even several different ornaments and colors can look quite harmonious, if the rule of the same warmth of shades is observed.

Such designer dress is easy to knit by yourself. It is important to choose a soft texture yarn that will be comfortable to wear.

This costume can be worn as a dress, or separately, as two separate things.

Brand Missoni argues that you should not be afraid of bold combinations.

Bright ornament of the dress creates an interesting optical illusion.

Bright accessories

Caps of interesting shape, snoody or even socks will cheer up in cold weather.

Home textiles

Fashion is not only clothes, but everything that surrounds us. Fashion houses around the world create fabrics and interior textiles. Follow their lead.

Plaid with colored squares will warm and create a feeling of comfort.

Crocheted mosaic can be a toy, or an interesting piece of decor.

"Grandma" blanket and hexagons - the eternal classic.

Cheerful plaid with a pattern in the form of balls.

Such hexagons can be added to the already finished bedspread.