Photo ideas combining different wallpapers in the same room


If it seems to you that the walls pasted over with wallpaper of the same type in the same room are too boring and trite, try combining several types of coverage. But it’s not enough to choose everything that you like and arrange it somehow ... Follow these rules and recommendations, and the room will look great.

Ways of combining colors

First you need to figure out which shades will work well together. There are several valid options.

Monochrome shades

Choose your favorite color and use its variations, different saturation. You can add base colors.

Combination of contrasting shades

If you want to avoid excessive brightness, choose more muted color options.

The combination of similar colors

In this case, it is important to adhere to the same color saturation.

There are several ways to decorate a room with certain types of materials.

Plain wallpaper + wallpaper with a pattern

Those areas of the room, which should be left more spacious and light, emit a plain wallpaper, and the picture makes the space more active.

This type of decor works great for zoning rooms.

Select individual zones, for example in the area of ​​the TV or bed. Ideally, this technique works with niches and protrusions.

Deepening can be beaten and more active volume invoice.

Plain + Plain

In this case, work with color and texture. Walls that are exposed to daylight are usually darker and brighter.

If you want to use bright colors, they should flow into each other.

Plain wallpaper can have an unusual structure that allows you to combine two active colors in one space.

Monochrome + stripes

Stripes can adjust the size of your room. But if you use such wallpaper on the entire area of ​​the walls, the interior will be overloaded. Vertical stripes will make the ceiling visually higher.

And with the help of a horizontal strip, you can create the illusion of a wider room.

Bright pattern on a plain background.

Such an emphasis implies a minimum of other decor.

Better if only one wall is covered

Combinations of several ornaments

It is imperative that such a wallpaper be united by one theme or plot.

Patchwork technique allows the use of many different patterns and colors. It is better to balance its monotonous top of the wall.

Wallpaper + another type of finish

Use the same rules as the bright pattern. Let the wallpaper in this case be a calm tone for a bright wall.

One type of coating can be chosen with imitation metal or velvety.

Wall mural

Use them in combination with any monochromatic texture - wallpaper or painted walls. You can make several accents in the same room.

Kitchen and dining room

Here you can safely combine the ornament and patterns, but let the latter occupy a small area.

Living room

Choose clean lines and concise combinations.


Everything should work for relaxation and tranquility.


You can afford more experiments. After all, as the child grows up, the design, in any case, will have to be changed.

Entrance hall

This room is a kind of announcement of your apartment. Do not use all the trumps already here. It is better to choose a discreet design.


If you use a monochromatic tile, you can safely combine it with waterproof wallpaper of bright design.