Embroidery ribbons for beginners: From simple to complex!


We would like to share our skill with you. It is always a pleasure to embroider a rose, be it a rose of yellow, or some other shade. Yellow roses are beautiful and unique in their own way. The majesty of a yellow rose seems to me to be in a yellow shade. Let's embroider such a rose.

Let's get started For our master class we will need the following things.

1. Satin ribbon.

2. Threads in tone tapes.

3. Canvas and hoop.

Dress, outline on the hoop, and take the yellow ribbon. Let's start making a rose. For this we twist the bud first. And sew it to the canvas. See as shown in the photo.

After that we embroider a rose on the canvas. Enter the ribbon and create the petals. Here you can give free rein to your imagination. Do not necessarily do like me. Just take my photos as a basis. See the photo.

And here she is our beautiful ready. A little advice, if the tape is wrong, grab it with a thread to match. Iws. Your rose will be beautiful.

We make the stem and thorns.

Now proceed to the leaves. See the photo. Put, embroidering, tape as you need, as it will be more beautiful to lie, grabbing it with a thread to match.

And the leaves are ready.

Now we embroider weed, on which there will be some fruits that we embroider with beads.

Well, and then let's take a rose bud. I took the process on the device, see the photo.

Now sew it to the canvas.

Then make the bud petals.

It was the turn to make a second bud, a smaller one that will be. First we make its interior, and then we form the bud itself.

Create sepals. With green ribbon we embroider them, we grab them, where necessary, with a thread in tone.

And taking a thin ribbon, create just such a beauty around the buds.

Making the stem. Twisting the ribbon, create a stalk. And the leaves in some places just grab the thread.

Here such already beautiful turns out. But still ahead.

Next, sew green beads.

And here are a few moments of our embroidery

But we do not stop at this stage, we will continue to tint our rose. Take a red acrylic paint.

And toning. Need to do it carefully. I do it with a brush with a single column. I paint a paint like some water. And at first, I drip on the place where I want to tint, with some simple, clean water. And then I paint a little bit of red, i.e. paint solution. And so the whole rose.

And here is the result. I think you like it. And I'm just sure that you will do much better. Because it will create you!